Players and Parents


CBHSFC Players Handbook

Uniform– Requirements for uniform will depend on the team. Please use this link for more information.

Practices and Meetings– Team Practice and Meeting times and places.

Physiotherapy at CBHS –The physiotherapy service provided by the school is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in the Jim Burrows Fitness Centre. Sharada and Yvonne from Balance Physiotherapy will be available for appointments from 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ACC subsidises your physiotherapy treatment so get treated early. You can make an appointment with the Bursar or by seeing the physio’s in the Fitness Centre, or ring them on 021 742 723

NZ Football – Code of Conduct


CBHSFC Parents/Supporters Handbook

NZ Football – Code of Conduct

CBHS Payment Procedures – Subscription and Trip costs will be invoiced to the CBHS Family Account. Charges can most easily be paid using the parent portal by Credit/Debit card.

Once you have enter your login and password please click the “Pay Family Account” and outstanding charges will be there.


If you are having difficulty with payment or are facing financial hardship please contact the School Admin Staff who will be able to help.